Typical activities of the countryside

Period of mushrooms

Stains and woods of the Maremma offer fans the chance to look for, and find, as many good mushrooms, main ingredients for tasty Tuscan recipes.188865_129904857082469_5227481_n

Period of chestnuts

Chestnuts, an opportunity for healthy walks in the woods: the recipes developed bow to the supremacy of simple roasted chestnuts on the fire.

The period of oil novo

With the olive harvest is celebrated the rite of tasting the new oil: on potatoes, bread croutons and the salad.

Period of wine novo

With chestnuts and oil novo tradition also taste the new wine: some purists consider it a sin. Too bad for them, we picchiamo to sin. Here comes the novice, but this is a long story that takes time and fireplace.


Attivita campagna

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