In our farm we offer hospitality to around 18 persons, lodged in rooms from two to four places bed, with bath and heating. 

Other than Bed & Breakfast, we also propose the treatment of half pension, inclusive water, wine, fruit and coffee, in a family, friendly and relaxing environment, characterized from the heat of the fireplace and from the long table around which to taste the typical tasty food of Tuscany.  


The food is good, genuine and abundant: wine, oil and vinegar, milk, butter and cheeses, eggs, meats of calf and swine, poultry, olives, sausages and bacon produced directly or local.  

It is necessary to add the wild birds, the whole wild boar, the mushrooms, the fruits and the spontaneous grasses of the Mediterranean woodland. The fruit and the vegetables of our garden are enriched with the manure of our animals. The pantry is rich of pots and bottle that we prepare exclusively for our guests.         

We have four 18-speed mountain-bikes for the guests to discover the roads and the paths of the High Maremma.       




Our animals

We breed hens, geese, ducks, guinea fowl, turkeys, rabbits, pigeons, dogs and cats: in short you will find an authentic family farm, opened the whole year.


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