The Territory

” … In Dei nomine amen. Ad honorem omnipotentis Dei et beate genitricis sue Virginis Marie et beatorum appostolorum suo rum Petri et Andree { .. .} dicti comunis et scriptum per me Galghanum notarium olim ser Galghani notarii de Vulterra nunc notarium et scribam dicti comunis dicti castri pro comuni et populo Vulterre. Sub annis Domini millesimo trecentesimo vigesimo ind(ictione) IIIIa … “


This way it recites the 13th century Statute of Monteverdi Marittimo, absorbed place in the green, rich of history and traditions and where our farm rises.

On the other hand Tuscany it represents a point of equilibrium between different aspects, we think about the nature, history, art, wine, gastronomy, that compete to form an environment liveable and also the Val of Cornia crossing the course of the centuries and going out transforms of it, but twisted not, preserve a liveable territory.

A wealth made of hilly landscapes with the cypresses – become image symbol of the region – sea foreshortenings of still Iivable beaches, little crowded and very clean, curtains of green Mediterranean woodland that they are run after up to the horizon, almost cancelling the signs of the little human presence.


The flora, the fauna, the mushrooms, the butterflies, the coleopters, the ferns, the shells and the mineral, are a part (harvests in the manifestos that furnish our lunch room) of the natural attractions that strike the visitor. The net of the natural parks, archaeological, mining, of the practicable paths afoot, in bicycle and to horse, it covers and it protects good part of the territory.

A zone that for yours and our fortune, it still has to discover her tourist vocation and that she offers in every angle, country, church, a possibility to learn to know our past and ourselves, where every year is added a novelty, a new service, a new historical discovery as the “spicy” fresco of the “Sources of The Abundance” in Massa Marittima.

Our border position among the provinces of Pisa, Livorno and Grosseto has made us station of departure for itineraries to the discovery of the Roads of the Wine: Val of Cornia, Bolgheri, Etruschi’s Coast, Montescudaio, Monteregio and Morellino, among which we find farms and vineyards that produce the best exponents of the new Italian and international wines.

We are far only 20 minutes by car from a clean sea, calm, with sandy or rocky free beaches. In a period of maximum uncertainty and big questions on the possibility of a feeding that doesn’t put to risk our health we bring ahead with pride ours fatiguing choice of a cultivation exempted from chemical fertilizers and of a small family breeding of bovine and chicken meat, following the philosophy of the natural growth with natural foods and favoring the nature. All out of an absurd logic of market.


The certification of quality of our kitchen and our foods has always been the long table common to which we have eaten together, you, we and our children Michela and Dario: of this we are proud and we believe is the better publicity.

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